Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, was originally developed by linguist John Grinder and a mathematician Richard Bandler in the 1970’s in California, USA. They looked at what was the difference between those that are competent and those that excel at what they do. They considered mindset, strategies and beliefs and they came up with tools and techniques that deliver fast and sustainable results.

Neuro is how we think, what is going on in our heads, our thought processes. These are how we see the world, and how we experience it. You know what I mean, you get those who on attending a meeting for the first time think I am going to look foolish, silly make a mistake and those who think well I will give it a go, I can do this. Which attitude do you feel will gain the best results. The brilliant thing is that we can control our thoughts, and change the repeating habits or patterns.

Linguistic is all about what we say, verbally and non verbally. Language determines who we communicate with others and ourselves. Empowering language generates empowering behaviour.

Programming is all about what we do. The patterns of behaviour, what we do, and the programmes in our minds that we run repeatedly, often in a negative way. If you think of a phobia such as flying every time we think about flying (you don’t even have to be physically there) we run through the same routine (dizzy, sweaty palms, feeling shaky, panic attacks).

Therefore, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the relationship between the brain, language and body.

So, what can NLP do for you?

NLP can break the patterns and behaviours to stop the symptoms or issues that are causing problems, holding you back from where you want to be, or just making life a little less pleasurable. There are many tools and techniques that can be taught to help with changing low self-esteem, communicating faster and better, reducing anxiety allowing you to feel happier and stopping phobias.

It can be used alongside on its on or with other styles of therapies.