Person Centred Therapy

Person Centred Therapy was developed by Carl Rogers, a Psychologist in the 1940’s in Massachusetts who believed that given the right conditions that a person could grow, reach their full potential and heal themselves.   The conditions were unconditional positive regard (respect and value), congruency (honesty and transparency) and empathy (seeing the world through your eyes).  

Person centred for me means putting you, the client at the centre of this process, and is why I called my practice “Its Your Time”, as it is all about you.  It means that in the counselling room (either virtual or physically) you are supported to come to your own decisions, through really listening to you, querying clarification, supporting you to discuss what is important to you without judgement, and with the outcome of you getting to a happier place whether that is through change or acceptance.  

PCT also works with your own self-awareness and conditions of worth . This simply means that often what you believe about yourself and what is true may not match, due to many things including other people’s beliefs, life experiences, trauma and expectations which may make you unhappy.  There may have been conditions in your relationships to ensure that you gained their approval rather than being you. Therapy sessions uncover what exactly you want, what you can change or accept, or what you feel is possible for you to do at your pace.  

Counselling will always go at your speed, it’s a brave step considering counselling, it is not easy yet but your in charge, It’s your time!