Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is the bringing together of two parties or teams who have had or are having a disagreement within the workplace. Both parties attend on a voluntary basis and is a structured transparent process. As the mediator, I will be are unbiased and independent and cannot take sides. The outcome must be acceptable to both parties.

The day will involve meeting with both sides individually to hear what has been happening and giving each person or team time to explain. On a voluntary basis both parties will attend a joint meeting which I will structure and chair. The structured process is detailed below:

  • Introduction and agreeing ground rules
    Ground rules set by mediator but agreed by each party

  • Hearing in brief what has happened and summarising
    Mediator asks each person what has happened, both parties get time to speak

  • Open discussion and identify issues
    Clarifying and identifying issues

  • Mutual understanding and communicating feelings
    Opportunity to speak to each other with respect

  • Idea storming and win/win solutions
    Putting a voluntary agreement together that both parties are in a win/win solution

  • Signing the voluntary agreements

The whole process usually takes a full day with individual meetings being held in the morning and the joint meeting in the afternoon.